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How can I and the team help?

Business Development

I and associates can help in various ways – Brand building or / development, from the Name, the Concept to Reality. The strategy, direction, planning. Future proofing where possible, highlighting any critical areas to areas of opportunity – Trends in the marketplace to optimise growth.

New Products & Sourcing

Developing ideas from that “Spark”; do you have an idea – we can help bring things to life. Taking things from their concept to initial models, samples. Sourcing – where and who can make. Planning launches; helping with placement in the market. Advertising & Marketing. Importantly getting feedback from customers – reality check!


With 25 years plus experience; I take pride in building teams – listening is key. Many of the “BEST” ideas come from within, tapping into that knowledge. Creating a great work force is a vital ingredient in any success. Valuing, Respecting and Listening to everyone; whether the MD or apprentice. Never be afraid of feedback. “feedback is a gift”…

Key expertise

Key areas of knowledge – Retail; from Global Retails with various Brands to the smallest owner store. Homewares, DIY, Fashion, Not for Profit / Charity, Food, Manufacturing and Supply Chain. IT /Ecomms. Developing store layouts to optimise sales, POS, fixtures, and signage. Funding and Grants; helping you get financial or upskilling / training help


With many associates and a big black book – I can normally find a contact to help if I can’t then will seek to find an expert. We work together as and when needed to support and grow your business, aid you with advice.


If you phone; I will always try to help – reaching out can be the start of a great journey!

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